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Puyallup Tribe: It’s entirety!

  Photo Credit: Michael Schramm/US Fish and Wildlife Service (2)   Photo Credit: Michael Schramm/US Fish and Wildlife Service(4) Summarization of the Puyallup Tribe  The Puyallup Tribe is not only in development with the Casino business but pro-environmentalists in supporting the Stand Rock Sioux, the cancelation of the DAPL, and the fight for a LGN… Continue reading Puyallup Tribe: It’s entirety!

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My home within your home!

  Here is an outline of the Puyallup Reservation running though Tacoma and Pullup.   The Puyallup Tribe Reservation. Retrieved from Google Maps  Green fills indicate the Native American Tribes throughout Washington State Reservation Tribes of Local Native Americans in Washington State. Retrieved from Wikipedia   There are currently 35 Native American Tribes in the… Continue reading My home within your home!

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Puyallup Tribe Ain’t The Only Strugglin’

Cultural Lessons for Clinical Mental Health Practice: The Puyallup Tribal Community Audience: Individuals who are interest in the mental health educational perspective of Native American culture. Authority: The bloggers are George M. Guilmet, who is a cultural resource consultant and Whited, David L, which I was unable to find any information with a lack of proper… Continue reading Puyallup Tribe Ain’t The Only Strugglin’


Doing the Puyallup! Tribe

“Washington’s History of Chief Leschi’s Murder, Puyallup Tribe of Indians” Published and last edited on: Nov, 9 2013 The video is describing the “execution” (considered a murder) of the head chief of the Puyallup Tribe, Chief Leschi. Terms used: Puyallup Reservation, Chief Leschi, Puyallup Indian. The individual that upload the video was for resources and educational purposes.… Continue reading Doing the Puyallup! Tribe

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A step towards change, a step towards encouragement

Fight over LNG plant turns to city council, state   The Puyallup Tribe is currently fighting the Puget Sound Energy (PSE) in caution that the review for the production did not yield on any information of environmental impacts. They plan on building a facility on the tideflats, that instead of using diesel to run ships, to… Continue reading A step towards change, a step towards encouragement

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Can we have some money please?

  Photo Credit: J. A. Juleen(1)     The spuyaləpabš tribe which means, “Generous and welcoming behavior to all people (friends and strangers) who enter our lands” is currently the Puyallup tribe. Which in my opinion is great they changed their name because it didn’t work for Native American’s who welcomed strangers. The Puyallup tribe’s subsistence strategies: agriculture,… Continue reading Can we have some money please?