Native Americans · Puyallup Tribe

Doing the Puyallup: First Encounter

So prior to research, my knowledge about the Puyallup Tribe was very limited. All I knew about the tribe was that they owned the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma and in Fife. Now what I know about the Puyallup Tribe is they are very active in their political surroundings and affiliations. They are pro-environmental and are always willing to have their word out in any environmental situation.

The term specifically used to describe the Puyallup Tribe have been: Tribe, Tribal, Puyallup Natives, Tribal members. There aren’t any specific names or terms that the group uses within each other, besides their given names. Puyallup Tribal members are often used to describe individuals. The representation of names may vary to cancel any separation of indifference. They are of a tribe, they are in a modernized society and has very well adapted to that, while celebrating their culture to their own means. Representations do not vary depending on audiences. They keep to their culture. With their own representation of a modernized terms, the media also used the same act terms. No media has used terms such as indigenous tribe or Native Americans to describe an individual, usually it’s Puyallup Tribe Member(s); but depending on the topic I could see a news outlet, using older terms like indigenous tribe to a modernized tribe to make them sound more rural.

Researching about the Puyallup Tribe involved in searches for academic and scholarly posts, along with recent and political events they have been involved with. And in each article being read, I was cautious to an article by a bias author and in that each statement was factual. Many articles, has cites to them. Along with images, that were cited and proved appearances as certain locations and places. This insured that I was learning positives and actual information about the given group.

The Puyallup Tribe, as well as other news casters, used simple names and references to describe one another didn’t give a distinctive separation that they are not difference from us. but just carry a small title to their names, which is tribal member. (The association of a tribe, is all that mattered)


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