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Puyallup Tribe: It’s entirety!



Photo Credit: Michael Schramm/US Fish and Wildlife Service (2)



Photo Credit: Michael Schramm/US Fish and Wildlife Service(4)

Summarization of the Puyallup Tribe 

The Puyallup Tribe is not only in development with the Casino business but pro-environmentalists in supporting the Stand Rock Sioux, the cancelation of the DAPL, and the fight for a LGN plant development in Tacoma. The Puyallup Tribe is also one of the main resources for the City of Fife to depend on for any project resourcing, like the Pacific East Highway project. The Puyallup tribe had Tribal Council Member David Bean, represent himself at the DAPL sites in the effort to stop the constuctuion of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  And while the Pudeget Sound Energy (PSE) plan on building a facility on tideflats which may affect the waters depending on their plans of production, which the company refuses to release. The Puyallup tribe is fighting that the company releases this information. While trying to support cancelation of envorinmentally destructive projects, the Tribe also has agreements with Fife, that involve a large sum of money that they are now trying to stricten, with a more defined and numeralized account of data. Along recieving this money in support, Fife also asks the Tribe for funding in a project that will construct on Pacific East Highway with a large sum of $1.926 million.

Summarization of Media News Coverage of the Puyallup Tribe

In a multimedia video involving the Puyallup Tribe and their Welcome Ceremony for Hillary Clinton, they performed cultural dances and wore traditional outfits. They asked questions about what and were Hillary stands for the Native tribes and the plans she has for them. (While in blog post 2, I had written about what Barack Obama had done for the Native American people while in office, is substantially exactly what he had promised to them while in campagain. For reference the link) Which also comes to note, that while Presidental elections was coming close, Democratic Elector as well as Puyallup Tribal Member, Robert Satiacum refused to cast his electoral vote for Hillary Clinton, even after the Puyallup Tribe’s own campaign support for Clinton. In other multimedia videos, was the discrimating and murderous act of one of Puyallup Tribe’s chief, Chief Leschi. He was put on trial for the murder of Colonel Moses, which he denied. Even after having supporters by local white members of the society, as well as the Pierce County sheriff, he was hung in February 19, 1858 in what is now a golf course.

Summarization of Puyallup Tribe’s Academic Successions 

There had been two authors, George M. Guilmet and Whited David, who wrote Cultural Lessons for Clinical Mental Health Practice: The Puyallup Tribal Community whose audience were individuals that are interested in the mental health educational perspective of Native American culture. On a different perspective rolling into politics, the Puyallup tribe hosted an event in regards for Hillary Clinton where they perform their native dances and songs. But during elections week, there’s was a democratic elector who refuses to cast his electoral vote for Hillary Clinton, who is also a Puyallup tribe member. It’s completely conflicting between what they hosted for, and his opinions.




puyallup-reservationThe Puyallup Tribe Reservation. Retrieved from Google Maps  (1)


tribes_of_washington_state              Reservation Tribes of Local Native Americans in Washington State. Retrieved from Wikipedia (3)


In my reflection in the Puyallup Tribe, are smart business individuals that also care about the environment and what happens in their surrounding areas. The digital resources and tools I’ve used to research about this tribe, I can use towards any other unknown group or individual. Using a search engine, getting responses from other people by using a blog. The most favorite blog about the Puyallup Tribe that I was able to write and discover about is their involvement in the environment. Their attempts to stop the production of a LNG factory and their support of the Sioux tribe and the protest of DAPL shows unification when needed. However, trying to find an academic post or scholarly articles about the Puyallup Tribe was very difficult for me even with resources to online scholarly search engines like JSTOR. If any student plans to take ANTH& 206, my suggestion is to find a group that has involvement in more than one thing, and push through whatever is given to you a week in advance!

























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