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Win some, lose some

original-founding-fathers-native-american-indian-550-piece-puzzle-david-behrens-sunsout-jigsaw-puzzle-1Listed are  three of current issues involving Native Americans:

Candidate Obama Kept His Promise to Native Americans

Tim Reynon attends World Peace Forum in Brazil

Opposing a Pipeline Near Sacred Sioux Sites

Listing off the first article, was a positive note for Colorado River Indian Tribes. Having federal mismanagement and recurring negligence of treaty obligations, Obama and his administration promised a change. Obama attended his final White House Tribal Nations Conference this week with an announcement of $492 million in settlements with 17 American Indian tribes  for federal mismanagement of their funds and lands. Not only was Obama given praise for delivering on his pledge, he also was given credit by tribal leaders for creating a White House council so that the Native Americans can maintain communication with federal government. This allowed them to establish a buyback program to help regain scattered lands, expanding jurisdiction of tribal courts which includes the protection of tribal women under the Violence Against Women law in 2013.

While this was positive news for the Colorado River Indian Tribes, more locally at the Puyallup Tribe council member Tim Reynon was welcomed to Florianopolis, Brazil for the 2016 World Peace Forum. Tim Reynon was the first-ever Native American for North America to take part in the forum. He had the honor of taking stage to read the World Peace Forum proclamation and sang the Tribe’s Power Song. His last panel, which really caught my eye focused on forgiveness. His example of forgiveness was from Puyallup tribal member Lisa Earl, who mother Jackie Salyers who was shot and killed by police earlier this year and the brought along the movement, Justice for Jackie.

Though great new for both these Indian Tribes, the Standing Rock Sioux Nation (North and South Dakota) and its allies are currently protesting the construction of a  1,172 mile pipeline.The pipeline will run through Sioux sacred lands and threaten to pollute their water source. They’ve already been in a two year legal fight to stop the pipeline and currently is being protested by about 300 tribal nations and 3,000 people.  As of yesterday the court has denied the Tribe’s appeal to block the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Standing Rock Sioux promises to continue it’s campaign against the pipeline regardless of the federal governments ruling.

Within in all three of these articles the amount of time, justice and lack of opportunities they had to withstand just to prevail to some type of positive effect is infuriating.


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