Native Americans · North Dakota Pipeline

What more can you steal from people you’ve stolen completely from?

tribalflagslatoyalonelodgeOften referred to as Native Americans or indigenous people, they were subjected to extreme violence, massive death counts and forced to constantly relocate between lands. The United States currently recognized about 562 of these tribes. The federal government is also in control of preserving and managing Native American affairs, promises to protect and survive each tribe of the Native American descent with reservation and conservation organizations. In actuality Native American reservations are the poorest communities in the United States.

Between online posts and articles about the North Dakota oil pipeline that currently is being protested by thousands of Native Americans. Many people are unaware or even have a second thought to this current protest. There are so many conflicting things happening around the world that people ignore, but the fact that citizens of a country, choose to ignore its own conflicts shows the American exceptionalism. The issue is, we’ve robbed, raped and stolen from Native Americans, try to reconsolidate them by provided the worst communities and economy yet still the governments wants to devalue them even more by building a pipeline through sacred lands, and lands that protect their water. The protest has had UNARMED Native Americans being pepper sprayed, attacked by hired security detail with canine animals and harassed by local police.


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